Portable Ice Bath 2.0 - With Chiller Unit

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Introducing our Portable Ice Bath 2.0 With Chiller - the Lamborghini of portable ice baths and your ultimate solution for convenient cold water exposure. This inflatable ice bath is designed with 8cm rigid insulated walls, ensuring maximum cooling efficiency. Its innovative design allows seamless connection with a cooling/filtration unit, delivering an unparalleled experience in rejuvenation and muscle recovery.

Our Chiller Unit comes with an in-built pump and filtration unit, and even includes a heating option if needed. Compact, durable, and easy to set up, it's the perfect companion for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking quick, efficient, and on-the-go ice bath therapy or for a semi-permanent home set-up. 

Whats included

    • 370L inflatable Bath Tub: Drop Stitch PVS Fabric - 80mm thick walls
    • Hardened-Wall and Insulated Construction
    • 80mm thick
    • Carry Bag
    • Hand Pump 
    • Lid
    • 1350mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 600mm (H)
    • G.W.: 15kg
    • Chiller System
    • In-Built Filter System
    • Heating Option
    • Compact and Transportable Unit
  • Function: Incorporates a built-in High Efficiency Ozone Sterilisation system, enhancing hygiene and ensuring a clean bathing environment. The built-in Self-priming System facilitates easy startup and operation. The option for a Water Filter provides an additional level of water purification, ensuring optimal cleanliness during use.
  • Cooling Capacity: With a capacity of 500L and the ability to lower the temperature to 3 degrees Celsius this ice bath offers ample space and effective cooling for post-exercise recovery.
  • Input Power: Equipped with an AU 240v plug, this ice bath can be powered by a standard electrical outlet, ensuring versatility in different regions. 
  • Protection: Employs a Leakage Protection System to prevent any potential water leaks and an Anti-freeze System to ensure the unit operates optimally in low temperatures.
  • Transport Wheels & Carry Handle: Features both transport wheels and a carry handle, making it easier to move and position the ice bath as needed.

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